Mei Cheung Support Wellbeing Office, Haringey Council, Franklin Dogwoh – Support Wellbeing Officer, Haringey Council , Charlie Harris – Contract Manager, Purdy and Reece Beckles- Contract Administrator, Purdy.

Charlie Harris and Reece Beckles delivered presents to Commerce Road Community Centre, for a Winterfest that has been organised for the children of Northumberland Park, in Haringey.  Franklin Dogwoh, Support Wellbeing Officer for Housing Management/Support and Wellbeing Service at Haringey Council, made a request to Charlie on the 9th December for Purdy to potentially help out with some gifts for them to give out the children at Winterfest.

Charlie was keen to support them and we have completed this project for them.  The email from Franklin below says it all.  

Wow words have failed me and our team, may the good lord bless you and your Kinovo team. We are looking forward to seeing you guys and supporting in wrapping up on Tuesday.”  

Well done, Charlie, great work.  There will be some very happy children.