Quality Assurance Policy

It is the Policy of Purdy Contract Ltd:

To provide a reliable and efficient service relating to the provision of mechanical, electrical and heating services to its Customers, whilst conforming to the Company’s objectives and statutory, regulatory and safety regulations.

To maintain a management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and includes quality system objectives that are regularly reviewed by the management team.

To provide resources that will maintain and improve the management system in order to meeting the requirements of its Customers and to enhance Customer satisfaction.

To facilitate communication throughout the Company, monitor Customer satisfaction and to continuously monitor the Quality Management System and the Quality Policy in order to improve their suitability and effectiveness.

To establish a documented quality system that will allow the Company to fulfill its contractual obligations by:

  • Ensuring that all activities that directly affect the quality of service are carried out under controlled conditions.
  • The continuous monitoring and analysis of quality indications that provide data to enable continual improvement against the Customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Providing resources, up to date instructions and training to all personnel, together with the promotion of quality awareness.