The Purdy team recently completed some social value works for our client Hyde at Oasis Play, a local charity running three unique facilities in London for children and young people. This fantastic charity provides innovative and inclusive outdoor play and learning opportunities that enable disabled and non-disabled children and young people to lead happy, fulfilled lives and assume positive roles in the community.

As the electrical lighting experts, Purdy was more than happy to help out by volunteering time and materials to install and upgrade one of the facility’s failing floodlights. The lack of lighting outdoors had meant that children could only play on the go-karts and bikes etc during limited day light hours which was such a waste.

Charandeep Singh Ubhi and our apprentice Ben Harrison came to the rescue and replaced the broken floodlights and installed four new one around the canteen building, bathing the facility in light and doing away with the need for extension leads which obviously couldn’t be used in the rain.

Theo from the charity explained how the lighting will make a huge difference: “Each day after 3pm, many children come along and play with friends but due to the dark evenings they were restricted with how long they could play outside. We’re over the moon.”