Microgeneration Systems Purdy Contracts
Microgeneration Systems Purdy Contracts
Microgeneration Systems Purdy Contracts

Microgeneration Systems

Purdy Contracts are MCS Approved Installers of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Microgeneration Systems & Microgeneration Heat Pump Systems.

Microgeneration is the production of heat or electricity by individual households and small businesses. Microgeneration technologies are low or even zero carbon and allow householders and business owners to generate your own sustainable heat and/or electricity.

There are two categories of solar powered technologies; photovoltaic (PV) systems, that produce electricity, and solar thermal systems to provide hot-water and sometimes space heating. Air to Water Heat Pumps use a low volume fan ensuring heat is extracted from the air outside and passes through the unit. This is converted into high-grade heat using a heat exchanger and compressor.

Changes to planning conditions and building regulations mean that sustainable energy solutions have to be found for all new build developments, whilst many property owners are exploring the benefits of investing in these too.

Our dedicated Microgeneration team is able to advise, specify, design, supply and install renewable energy systems to a whole range of properties including:

• Domestic households
• Offices
• Industrial buildings
• Public buildings
• Schools, Colleges, Universities

We work very closely with homeowners, building contractors, architects and consultants to deliver the most appropriate system for their respective property and our directly employed specialist installation contractors have a wealth of experience managing even the most complex installations.