Sometimes the terms ESG and sustainability are used without substance because businesses feel they ‘should’ be associated with them.

For Kinovo and our group of companies, Purdy, Dunhams, and Spokemead, sustainability truly is at the heart of the services we offer clients, the social value community projects in which we’re involved, and the way we do business ourselves.  We strive to encourage sustainable living by always seeking the greenest energy alternatives as a matter of operating principle for our businesses and clients. Of course, the journey to Net Zero is absolutely that – a journey. And it’s a journey we’ve embarked on, but still recognise that while researching the latest green innovations, we need to keep client value for money in our mind’s eye.

When we offset our emissions we know exactly where we’re buying our Verified Carbon Standard credits from, and how much of a difference we’re making in the areas closest to our hearts, including renewable energy, solar power, hydro power and wind power.

With this embedded focus, Kinovo is committed to taking action to reduce our annual emissions and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040, ten years earlier than the UK government’s target.

Read how we’re doing on our ambitious but achievable Net Zero strategy in our recently published Net Zero Report.