The Kinovo Group will once again be sponsoring CIH Brighton 2024, this time promoting sustainability within our industry by sponsoring the Sustainability in Housing Theatre.

Event Details:

As a company committed to environmental responsibility and innovation, this sponsorship reflects our dedication to creating discussions and initiatives that drive positive change in our sector. By supporting the Sustainability in Housing Theatre, we aim to support and contribute to important conversations about sustainability practices, challenges, and opportunities.

The event is attended by housing professional in the South East and provides a great opportunity to connect, share knowledge and gain tips for best practice. This year’s line up in the Sustainability in Housing Theatre is going to invite delegates to engage in insightful discussions and learn about the latest trends and innovations in sustainability. See the full line up:

We believe that small actions can lead to significant change. By sponsoring the Sustainability in Housing Theatre, we are taking a proactive step towards building a more sustainable future for the industry and beyond.