Kinovo Plc, the specialist property services group that delivers compliance and sustainability solutions, announces the launch of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Report for the 2022-23 fiscal year. ESG is at the core of Kinovo’s values, and the business is committed to fostering a greener, happier, and more prosperous environment for all. The brand, which incorporates Purdy, Dunhams and Spokemead, strives to lead the way as a company, working alongside clients and other stakeholders, sharing expertise and ambition to drive forward the ESG agenda in the sector.

Lee Venables, Kinovo’s Chief Operating Officer comments: “Reaching Net Zero by 2040 is a goal that sits at the heart of everything we do. This latest report shares our ambition to propel ESG within our business and our sector, helping make the possibilities of tomorrow a reality today. The decisions we make now will lead to more sustainable solutions and a more sustainable business in the longer-term. Our strategy, goals and achievements, which we share in this report, reflect the hard work of every employee at Kinovo to achieve:


34.6% reduction in Scope 1 direct emissions

13.3% reduction in Scope 2 indirect emissions (market based)

15.6% reduction in Scope 3 indirect emissions

36.2% reduction in intensity ratio tCO2e per million

£ turnover (excluding Scope 3, category 1)

Installed solar panels, a ground source heat pump and a rainwater harvesting system at our head office


3,676 staff learning hours

Accredited Real Living Wage Foundation

Employer New ‘Volunteer Day’ programme – 70 days volunteered to help local communities

£50,000 in community donations

54 hours volunteered in education engagement

14 weeks work experience provided

22 people promoted or offered new roles internally 27 – number of local full time equivalent (FTE) employment opportunities created

36 staff attended leadership courses

118% year-on-year growth in total Social Value-added, including economic benefit, reaching £79.3m, consisting of:

  • £11.9m social and environmental value
  • £34.8m local economic benefit through supply chain spend
  • £32.6m non-local economic benefit through supply chain spend


Achieved Cyber Essentials Certification

IT upgrades to improve the customer journey

Increased attendance and participation at housing summits

Gained PAS 2030 accreditation to support clients executing fabric-first and energy efficiency projects

Installed solar panels, a ground source heat pump and a rainwater harvesting system at our head office

Ensured climate capacity training for all staff

“Our mission to create a sustainable business over the long-term is underpinned by our clear purpose, strong values, investment in our people and green technologies. This is why we have organised our business around three strategic pillars to ensure they drive everything we do. We call these three strategic pillars the 3 R’s: Regulation, Renewables, Regeneration. These key pillars ensure that everything we do has ESG as our fundamental focus and help us to focus on developing our people and teams’ expertise and impact on each of our projects, deepening our client relationships, and transforming the way we deliver our work by setting new standards of excellence in our sector. As our goals illustrate, we believe in enhancing our operations across the spectrum of ESG to make a meaningful difference in promoting sustainability, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring responsible stewardship of resources, having a positive impact for our clients, workforce and for the communities in which we work.”