Lee Venables COO – Kinovo and Larry Rossal Electrical Apprentice – R Dunham

Dawn KempLee Venables and Larry Rossal one of our Electrical Apprentices from R Dunham are attending our first Echelon Improvement Partnerships (EIP) AMIP meeting today, focusing on recruitment difficulties, staff retention and succession planning.

AMIP is a unique best practice and benchmarking club, with client and supplier membership options, which brings together people from across the housing sector to share their expertise.

We have recently joined AMIP after hearing Martin Brown, FRSA speaking at the Echelon Consultancy conference in October, and joining Echelon Improvement Partnerships (EIP)‘s Regenerative Sustainability programme.

The seven-month regenerative sustainability programme, which is being led by Martin Brown, FRSA and Anna Williamson MSc, FRSA, LFA, supports the participants to apply regenerative thinking to move sustainability beyond business as usual, enabling impactful change for us, our organisation and the sector.

Charlton Athletic pitch

Matthew Baxter – CEO Echelon Group (comprising Echelon Consultancy, Pretium Frameworks and EIP)