Peter Franko handing over the Lego sets to a very grateful Rev. Gail the CEO of Millennium Community Solutions

Peter Franko, Supervisor on the Hyde Housing Safer Homes contract has wholeheartedly completed two Social Value projects in November.

This is the second project he has completed to date. We donated x2 of the 8 programmable robotics that challenges adults and kids alike to use their coding skills.

Millennium Community Solutions are the only organization teaching coding after school free of charge, that’s why they requested the Lego sets, the kids will put them together and then code a software to operate it from their phones.

They are still looking for x6 more of the sets so that they have 8 in total to be able to run the course.

Peter said after he visited Rev Gail, “I had a very interesting conversation with Gail, she also asked if we could help with the decoration jobs she posted – repainting a hallway to white. I am happy to use some of my holiday in January to complete it.”

She explained it to me that they turn the communal spaces into a gallery like workshops where they display art pieces (donated or made on site) to inspire the students”

Peter taking the opportunity to engage with Rev Gail and find out what else needs doing for the Millennium Community Solutions

Workshops taking place at Millennium Community Solutions

Millennium’s Vision

To make information technology and education accessible for everyone, at home, school or in the workplace. We strive to provide Assistive Technology tools and guidance that allows everyone to have a comfortable, and effective computer experience. And prepare children & young adults to better equip them to compete in a global digital skills workforce through coding & STEM skills.