Health & Safety Monitoring

Site safety is of paramount importance to Purdy Contracts operational teams especially when we are working in a resident’s home. There are many influencing factors in the way we approach our work but each property will be reviewed individually and the needs of the residents identified. The company does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

One of the first tasks we will undertake is a survey of the property to build up an accurate schedule of works. At this stage the resident’s needs are identified. We undertake a resident’s profile, which allows us to asses all Health & Safety implications of our working practices which may have an affect in a resident’s home. This includes establishing the number of occupants in the property, their ages, whether there are any respiratory conditions they need to be aware of – e.g. chronic asthma sufferers and if there are any young children in the property or if there are any pets.

When our operatives arrive at the property to undertake the works a risk assessment of the site is undertaken to ensure that the survey details are relevant and that there are no new immediate risks to the project. All working practices and procedures will then again be discussed with the resident.

During the project, daily inspections will be carried out by our Supervisors to ensure that safe methods of work are being maintained and that waste is being managed as agreed. Periodically, we will employ the services of an independent health and safety advisor to undertake workplace inspections and audits using the criteria found in the Company’s procedures to identify non-conformances and observations, bring health and safety and waste issues to the attention of the project management and supervision through an Action Plan and to carry out relevant “toolbox talks” where the need for information and instruction has been identified.

Quarterly audits are taken and findings are reported at monthly management meetings. We also record near-miss situations, which are then assessed, and preventative measures taken rather than remedial action after an accident has occurred.

Health and Safety compliance of all staff is undertaken by the use of specific site Health and Safety audits which are carried out quarterly.


The Management Team in conjunction with the Health and Safety Advisor will:

  1. Undertake regular safety inspections of the Company’s work place, sites, activities, procedures and documentation covered by its Health and Safety Policy.
  2. Discuss the results and findings of the inspection or audit with senior management and develop an action plan to remove hazards or risks and address point raised.
  3. Prepare a report for submission to the Health & Safety Advisor, making recommendations for improvement and highlighting points that require his approval or actions.