Health and Safety General Policy Statement

In carrying out its activities, Purdy Contracts recognises that its workforce is a key resource and it is the Company’s Policy to prevent, insofar as it is reasonably practicable to do so, during the course of their work or duties being undertaken, to minimise risk and prevent injury, ill health, diseases and incidents to any employee and others who may be affected by their work, including employees of Contractors, Sub-contractors, the self employed and Visitors.

Whilst duties and tasks may be delegated, the overall responsibility will remain with Senior Management to ensure that the Company complies with all relevant statutory health and safety legislation, Common Law, Approved Codes of Practice and other requirements to which the Company subscribes from time to time.

To ensure that this Policy can be successfully implemented, the Company and its Directors will provide such adequate and appropriate resources as is reasonably practicable, including access to competent specialist advice where necessary.

Information from Risk Assessments, performance-monitoring activities, employee feedback and assistance from any designated Health and Safety Consultants, will be used to identify the health and safety training needs of employees and to provide a process that will enable the Company to continually improve its health and safety performance.

Employees will be provided with such information, training and instruction as may be necessary in order for them to be able to carry out their tasks in a healthy, safe and efficient manner.

An effective system for the communication of Health, Safety and Welfare information will be maintained so that employees are made aware of the known or suspected hazards associated with or arising out of the work or duties assigned to them and to make them aware of their individual Health & Safety obligations.

The process of communication of this Policy will be extended to interested parties on request and to those Companies who carry out work on behalf of the Company from time to time.

This policy shall be periodically reviewed by Senior Management, to take into account changes in legislation, changes in the nature and range of activities carried out by the Company and to take advantage of operational experience, negative and positive, as often as may be necessary.