Teams from across the Kinovo Group are once again raising funds for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, our nominated charity that is dedicated to supporting those in their teens and early 20s who are fighting cancer. The organisation provides social, emotional and physical support that is vital to recovery and gives a safe space for those battling, to come together with others their age who understand what’s they’re going through, and remember who they are as a person, not just a cancer patient.

This time the challenge is physical, as people taking part in the challenge are literally taking steps to get as get as far around the world as possible before Christmas.

The aim of the ‘Around the World before Christmas’ challenge is to bring the team together with friendly competition and banter, as well as doing some physical exercise, which in the dark, winter months is often hard to achieve.

Nicole Rooney, Commercial Director at Spokemead has made a terrific contribution to the challenge and has been fitting her miles in around a busy work and home life as well as encouraging all the participants to rise to the challenge, sums up the challenge perfectly: “I can’t say I am enjoying it but I am doing it anyway. It’s such an important cause and we are determined to get as far around the world as possible and raise as much as we can.”

Pippa Pang, Social Value & Marketing Manager, adds: “I have enjoyed the challenge, it has certainly kept me moving more than I would have done at this time of year.  I have loved getting involved with different people from across the group and seeing them being motivated to be active.  All the while raising money for a fantastic cause.”

Liam Power, Commercial Manager, Spokemead: “Enjoying the challenge for a worthwhile cause. It’s a great way to stay motivated on the lead up to Christmas and Bradee my Working Cocker Spaniel is very impressed , however some of my friends not so impressed !.

“It’s interesting how various colleagues’ competitive natures bubble to the surface but all in good jest…. ”

Antony Crolla, Supervisor, Purdy: “I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge with my colleagues at work but most of all, raising money for such a fantastic cause.

“I really bought into the challenge and found myself monitoring everyone’s progression so I could help keep my team at the top. This meant doing multiple ‘Spin’ classes and cardio sessions each week as well as taking long walks in the cold winter evenings (which I would have never done if I wasn’t so competitive). All round, it has been a great few weeks and a great challenge for a fantastic charity, which I am so pleased I could have been a part of.”

Tim Venables, Senior Contracts Manager, Purdy: ‘Sadly I never made it around the world’.

Jake Clarke, Group Head of Support Services: “We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Around the World Challenge 2023. I have seen individuals in our team and in the competition opt to walk or cycle where they once drove which has been a breath of fresh air to see. “

Lee Venables, Chief Operating Officer: “I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and have been inspired by the amount of people that took part in this across the Kinovo Group and the collective distance we have covered. From a personal perspective it has kick started me into getting back into an exercise routine and I have really enjoyed the last few weeks and plan to continue”

Jodie Pezzani| Fundraising Manager, Teens Unite, concludes: “I wanted to send a huge thank you to you all. With just under a week until you complete your ‘Around the World before Christmas’ challenge, as a team you have covered 2,000km. Between a team of 28 people that is an incredible achievement.

“As a company you have already raised over £1,600 in support of Teens Unite and the young people we support.

“Every penny you raise will enable us to visit a number of hospital wards, providing food, refreshments and gifts, and host an inclusive activity for in-patients undergoing cancer treatment and surgery. These activities are the start of the ongoing support we will provide to these young people throughout their struggle with cancer, from diagnosis through to remission and beyond.

What the partnership means to Teens Unite:

Alex Cousins | Partnerships Manager, adds: “With Christmas upon us, and as we approach the end of 2023, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the valuable support Kinovo have given this year as a partner of Teens Unite.

“Thank you for helping us to change the lives of young people living with cancer and the lasting effects of their diagnosis and treatment. As a self-funded charity, the partnership we have with Kinovo is valuable in raising vital funds and awareness; enabling us to grow as a charity and support more young people who need us.

Your support this year has helped Teens Unite to reach some incredible achievements over the past 12 months, and I wanted to share some of our highlights with you:

  • We provided 1,600 opportunities for young people to attend our activities and residential stays, where they meet others their age who are also overcoming the lasting impact of a cancer diagnosis
  • We are now working in partnership with 47 hospitals, 28 primary care networks, and 25 charities; to ensure we are reaching as many young people as possible
  • We made our support more accessible by returning to hospital wards to host activities for young people too unwell to travel to our regular events, and by introducing ‘on the road’ meet ups, which saw us travel to different locations across the country
  • We met the demand of a 21% increase in the number of young people registering for our support compared to last year

We couldn’t have done it without you, and I hope as we continue to work together in 2024, we will be able to make even more of a difference to the young people who need us.

To find out more, see who’s taking part and sponsor if you can, please visit: