Construction Line


Construction Line Accredited Member

Registration No: 41326
Expiry Date: June 2014


About the accreditation

Purdy Contracts are accredited member of Constructionline the UK's largest register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants. In terms of efficiency, time and cost saving and best practice, Constructionline is proven to deliver for public and private sector organisations alike. Their service is recommended by the OGC Common Minimum Standards and The Local Government Task Force.

For suppliers to the construction industry, Constructionline means that suppliers no longer need to repeatedly fill in standard pre-qualification forms for every construction tender.

By providing an up-to-date register of pre-qualified suppliers for construction contracts, Constructionline is a web based solution that 8,000 buyers from over 2,000 organisations are already making the most of. Constructionline pre-qualify all of the suppliers to government standards, and maintain relationships with a range of industry, ePurchasing and Government partners to ensure that they remain relevant to procurement professionals within the construction industry.

Constructionline is a Public-Private Partnership between Capita and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.


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