Purdy Contracts 24 hour service
Purdy Contracts 24 hour service
Purdy Contracts 24 hour service

24 Hour Service

We operate a 24 hour Freephone line for all of our Client's and their Residents on service and maintenance contracts.

We can create dedicated numbers for each contract and the lines are manned 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year by trained professionals who are equipped to deal with the enquiry and diagnose what the problem could be before instructing an engineer to attend the property as soon as possible.

We have a team of experienced and qualified engineers also on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can attend properties for emergency calls within a matter of hours.

If a call is received in normal working hours, it will either come through to the site office (if applicable) and be answered by the respective Resident Liaison Officer for the contract or go directly through to our head office Customer Service Team.

If an emergency call is received out of hours, including weekends and bank holidays, it will be answered by our external Customer Contact Call Centre who will liaise with the on-duty managers, supervisors and engineers to arrange a call out. The call centre is TSA Certificated.

Smartphone System

We use a telephony system called “Smartphone” – this system enhances customer service to clients, ensuring that all calls are answered, monitored and recorded if required. External calls come via our main switchboard and then the caller is re-directed to their appropriate department.  98% of our calls are answered within 20 seconds, if not answered there is a short recorded message, then the caller goes back to reception where it is answered immediately.